About Me - Gabriel Mattei

Gabriel Mattei

Hello world. My name is Gabriel Mattei and I am a geophysicist, photographer, hiker, camper, and overall outdoor enthusiast. I was born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, and now work has brought me to Houston, Texas.

I've always been the one in the group with the point and shoot camera, documenting every trip. I always told myself "this is just a hobby, I don't need a real camera". And boy how wrong I was. In 2012 I got my first Sony mirror-less (Sony Nex-F3) and I loved it. I slowly got more into photography, learning the technical aspects of it and pushing myself to try new things whenever I took photos. In 2017 I decided to step into the next level and I upgraded to a Sony a7ii. Now I self study photography on my free time and escape to shoot whenever I can.

One of the many reasons I love photography is not only because we can preserve certain moments, but because we can get different perspectives and magnify small details that would otherwise go unnoticed with an ordinary glance. I want to share what I see, how I see it, and most of all, engage with other people and their views.

I hope to capture many moments like these and share them with you as I go along. Feel free to contact me with any collaboration requests, questions, comments or suggestions. And if you really like my work, you can purchase paper prints, metal prints, canvases, iPhone cases, and a bunch of other cool stuff from the site. Thank you for your support!